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Challange stock20in20 #16 - Toys
Alterian - Elefant
alterian wrote in angelsandtrolls
[20] Toys - stock20in20  round #16


one color
black and white
4 Sections

5 Category; Close Up Cropping
category #1
category #2
category #3
category #4
category #5

5 artist‘s choice
artist's choice #1
artist's choice #2
artist's choice #3
artist's choice #4
artist's choice #5

- Credit is very nice ( alterian  or angelsandtrolls  )
- Comments are really appreciated, tell me what is good, what is bad, what I can do better
- Want something changed or add something, just ask and I'll most happily do it for you
- Please don't hotlink
- Enjoy!

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These are cute! What a wonderful idea for a theme and I love the Barbie/4 sections one as well as all the lego themed. Nice work!

Thank you so much I'm glad ypu liked them!

ooh so cute <3 my favourite is scary, favourite and ac 4 <3 makes you want to go back to childhood <3

We liked the same ones ;P
I' glad you liked them, Thank you!

These are so lovely!! My favourites are Scary, Cute, AC #4 and Category #1 ^^ I saved some and will credit you when use :D.

Oh wow, I'm so glad you liked them, thank you!!

I love favorite, duplicate and Close Up Cropping. I snagged some and will credit, if use.

These are so cute, especially the lego icons. :)

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